Hurricane Season is Here!

Hurricane season is upon us and as we move into mid-August and September we should start to see some activity picking up in the Eatern Atlantic and in the Gulf of Mexico.  If you haven't already put together your hurricane survival kit now is as good a time as any.  Remember to secure extra medicine, cash, water, canned food, batteries and flashlights, board games to pass the time, etc.  If you are in the path of a storm, please follow all warnings and instructions to evacuate if you are in an evacuation zone.  Too often we see that people decide to ride out the storm only later needing to be rescued in the middle of it.  This puts the lives of emergency service personel as well as your lives in danger.  Hopefully we'll be spared for another year but if this is the year, let's all be safe and get through it.      

Shopping for Homeowners Insurance

In a slow economy like we have now it is important to save money where and when you can.  There is an old expression, "you get what you pay for" and that couldn't be more true than in the insurance business.  We take pride in providing our clients the most coverage for the best premium but over the past couple of years we have been noticing a disturbing trend.  Clients are leaving our agency and buying policies that cost less without realizing they are also buying less coverage.  On numerous occasions a client has called to ask us to cancel their policy and when we ask to see what they bought they are shocked to learn that they no longer have important coverage's like replacement cost, ordinance& law, sinkhole or that their deductible has doubled.  All they see is the price of the policy and all that other agency sees is a sale.  At Landmark Insurance we want to save you money but also what to make sure you have the coverage you need and know what coverage's you are buying or in some cases choosing not to buy.  If you find yourself shopping your insurance and are being quoted a premium that is $500 or $1,000 or more less, there is a reason for are most likely being quoted less coverage.  We encourage you to call your agent or account manager at our agency to discuss your policy or another quote you've received.  We'll be happy to give you the straight story. 

The Benefits of Having ALL of Your Insurance with Landmark Insurance

There are many advantages to having all of your insurance policies placed with our agency.  Probably the most important is the ease of doing business for our clients.  Wouldn't you agree that it is easier to call one person with your insurance questions instead of one for your home, one for your cars, etc?  At Landmark Insurance we write all types of insurance and in some instances can bundle policies together to maximize discounts.  The second most important reason is dealing with one adjuster on related claims.  For example, if you have your auto and umbrella policy with the same company, you generally will only deal with one adjuster from that company and there won't be any arguing between the adjusters when it comes to who is responsible for paying, it's all coming from the same company.  Same scenario for having your home and flood policies with the same company.  Give us a call for a no obligation quote and the next time you receive a renewal policy in the mail that isn't through our agency, let that be your reminder to call us for a quote to see if we can save you money and make your insurance life a little easier.